Progressives do not get wiser with age, it seems. A Portland anarchist’s proud grandmother reportedly outed her grandson by posting a review on the protective vest she bought for him.

“I got this for my grandson who’s a protestor downtown, he uses it every night and says it’s done the job,” the progressive grandmother wrote in the review for the “Hudson Men’s Icon Reflective Vest” on the site Hibbett.

She also posted a photo of him wearing it, which led reviewers to discover that he is the same man responsible for throwing an explosive device at the federal courthouse in the city.

At the time of writing the link to the review was still up, with 578 people finding it helpful. Human Events managing editor Ian Miles Cheong captured screenshots and shared them on Twitter.

Many of reviews appeared to mock the woman’s grandson, with one writing the vest was “good for protesting, bad for anonymity” while another noted it “gets in the way too much when trying to throw IEDs…Gotta drink more soy next time.”

Sadly for the anarchists, the vest is currently out of stock.

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