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Between the Wuhan virus pandemic and the violent riots happening in cities like Seattle and Portland, much of the mainstream media’s “reporting” this year has been nothing short of shameful. As I wrote Thursday, people are quite simply fed up with it and are pushing back hard against the grotesque media gaslighting on “peaceful protesters” and on how President Trump allegedly murdered American citizens when he touted hydroxychloroquine as a possible virus treatment.

Washington Post White House reporter Seung Min Kim, however, has had enough of media critics on Twitter, and told them to “just stop” telling reporters how to do their jobs in a tweet posted yesterday:

Her demand did not go over well with the aforementioned people who I noted earlier have had it with the Baghdad Bob-style journalism that has taken over newsrooms across the country:

ProPublica reporter Dan Nguyen rushed to Ms. Kim’s defense by suggesting she was talking about Twitter trolls, not reasoned critics:

That’s a little hard to believe for those of us who remember this:

In fairness, I have generally found Ms. Kim to be respectfully responsive to criticism, and her reporting IMO is generally fair. Whatever her intentions were with the tweet, it just came off as incredibly tone-deaf at a time when people are demanding more responsible reporting from the press and less virtue signaling.

Much less. As in none.

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