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Despite demonstrably false reporting from the leftist media, congressional Democrats, and late-night comedy hosts on HBO, Portland, Oregon has remained the scene of terror and destruction for more than two months.

On Thursday, activists took aim at the city Justice Center creating a horrific display involving a severed pig head wearing a policeman’s hat, sitting on an American flag. The deceased animal’s head and flag were both lit on fire. Andy Ngo of the Post Millennial reported from the Justice Center.

The display of violence meant to strike fear in the hearts of law enforcement officers in Portland was certainly not part of any peaceful protest. Police found an abandoned pet pig not far from that area in the earlier days of riots; they believed that was a first attempt to kill an animal in order to send a message to the police but the perpetrators abandoned their plan before they were able to carry it out.

Reportedly, actually peaceful protesters who haven’t yet stooped to horrific animal murder found the pig abandoned and wrapped it in a blanket while waiting for police assistance. Police then contacted a retired officer who took the animal, a 300 lb pig dubbed “Debbie” by responding officers, to his home animal farm.

“SAV’N LIVES ..ONE HOG AT A TIME !!!” Portland Police officer Brian Pelster shared on Facebook. “Last nights nut jobs decided they were going to sacrifice a pig at the protest and cut its head off. PPB said HELL NO and took custody of the little lady.”

The severed pig head found on Friday follows reports of other incidents of violence, including fireworks being thrown at officers that have been loaded with nails. On the scene reporting from Ngo, Townhall’s own Julio Rosas, and several others have confirmed the level of violence on the street in Portland, the danger to civilians and law enforcement, and the effort of local leftist politicians to ignore the collapse of law and order in the city.

The Justice Department also confirmed the level of violent tactics to which many rioters and Antifa have chosen to use, including Molotov cocktails.

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