While on vacation, Hollywood actor Josh Gad went on an extended rant and declared that after “3 and a half years later, 150,000 Americans are unnecessarily dead because of his incompetence and our Democracy is hanging by a thread.”

“I don’t want to do this. I’m on vacation, but frankly, I don’t see an alternative,” the Frozen II voice actor wrote. “In 2016, misinformation helped elect a man with zero qualifications. 3 and a half years later, 150,000 Americans are unnecessarily dead because of his incompetence, and our Democracy is hanging by a thread.”

Gad went on to claim without evidence that President Trump was somehow getting “foreign assistance” for his 2020 re-election.

“The only way this would-be-Despot wins is if we all take his bait. He is once again, with the help of foreign assistance and his GOP cronies doing everything in his power to play on irrational and unsubstantiated fears like mail-in-ballot fraud, even though he and his family and many in his cabinet, all vote by mail.”

Of course, the president and his family don’t “vote by mail” in the same way the Democrats are pushing today. Democrats are attempting to remake America’s elections into a by-mail voting system. That is not what we currently have. Voting absentee by mail generally requires voters to contact election officials ahead of time and give a legitimate reason for not voting in person. An all mail-in election is free of requirements. Absentee voters are a relatively small number of the total number of voters. Mail-in balloting would push that number to millions.

The Beauty and the Beast star’s Twitter rant continued: “He is going to try to do what he did in 2016 to create a ‘but her emails’ logic for not voting for Biden and we all have one choice…to not let him distract us.”

“No logical person can look at this man and not see that he is the single greatest threat we have ever faced in modern American politics, (and some could argue possibly the greatest threat ever to the democratic norms our nation has taken for granted for over 240 years.),” the Artemis Fowl actor said.

Josh Gad then misused the word “anecdote” when he meant “antidote,” saying, “There is only one anecdote: be smarter. He feeds on ignorance.” The actor’s trouble with words continued when he said this about the president: “He thinks all of us our [sic] stupid. We proved him right once. We cannot afford to do it again. Put politics aside and look at the damage he has done.”

Next, Gad suggested that the economic problems the country is grappling with are a result of Trump’s policies instead of the economic impact from the coronavirus that originated in China.

“Is America really greater now? Yesterday we saw one of the greatest economic retractions we have ever witnessed, comparable to Great Depression numbers,” Gad wrote.

The actor concluded with an attempt to rally the liberal voters for the 2020 election:

We have a little over 95 days to stay focused and not let bullshit bots, bullshit lies, and bullshit tactics distract us from a shared common goal of the majority of Americans…to bring this madness to an end. He cannot win again. It’s all too much.

We deserve better than a demagogue. We deserve better than a buffoon. We deserve better than a racist. We deserve better than a serial liar. We deserve better than a man who blindly serves Putin. We deserve better than a man who only loves himself. Focus. Register. Vote. NOW.

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